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Fresh Therapeutics Compounding Pharmacies – Compounding Chemist Serves you at 2 locations: • Bondi Junction – NSW • Broadway - NSW We’re established to provide specialised compounding services, in a contemporary pharmacy environment, for all Australians. We work closely with medical practitioners to solve medication related problems for their patients. This consultation often results in a medicine being compounded into a unique formulation to meet a specific patient need. We compound and dispense medicines prescribed by doctors registered in Australia. Our compounded medicines are express posted to patients throughout Australia. When you have a prescription (PBS, private or compounded) dispensed at Fresh Therapeutics expect to have: • A discussion with our pharmacist about: • How well your medicines are working for you • Any side effects you may be concerned about • Other things you can do to manage your condition (see Self Care Fact Cards) • How we can help you monitor your condition • What you can do to help prevent other illnesses • What you can do to be happy and healthy

A Consumer Medicines Information (CMI) sheet with your medicine (see The National Prescribing Service for list of manufactured medicines CMI’s). We also produce patient information sheets for compounded medicines. A printed Medicines Profile on request. At Fresh Therapeutics we can now dispense PBS prescriptions sent via the smartphone app Med-advisor – leave your paper prescriptions at Fresh Therapeutics and you’ll receive FREE repeat reminders.

Compounding Chemist in Broadway & Bondi Junction NSW where finding solutions to your health needs is our priority. Whether it is a customised Compounded Medication, a wellness plan to keep you healthy and advice about your prescription meds.